Malicious tongues may say: “Nothing’s changed except for the keyboard bezel color and the model number”. We don’t quite agree though – after all, newer processors and even USB 3.0 ports are now installed. However, a lot of things have been maintained. Indeed, the keyboard’s reddish rim has been replaced by a charcoal black, and as we believe, more business appropriate one. Otherwise, we are facing the same bulky and solid case that we examined extensively last year in the Latitude E6420.

Our test configuration adds up to about 1225 Euros (~$1581) plus shipping and thus offers a solid value for money ratio. However, the competition was not idle during the past year and released (partly updated) models in the price range of 1200 to 1500 Euros (~$1548 to $1935) on the market. Our test device’s competition will be found in 14-i

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