Lenovo’s ThinkPad X200 series of 12-inch ultraportable notebooks has long been known for its strong combination of power, portability and unmatched battery life. The new ThinkPad X230, $1,249 as configured, continues this tradition, offering a speedy new 3rd Generation Core Series CPU and a revamped island-style keyboard as the major changes to this lightweight laptop. f you like the classic ThinkPad aesthetic, you’ll appreciate the way the X230 looks. With its raven black color, soft-touch lid and square-angled chassis, it’s hard to tell this new ThinkPad from both direct predecessors like the X220 and cousins like the T420. The main aesthetic difference is the isolated keyboard. Like the X220, the top and bottom of the X230 chassis are made from magnesium alloy. There is no internal rollcage like you’ll find on ThinkPad T series notebooks.

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